Pranic Healing in the Laboratory, Effects of Pranic Healing on Calcium Release in Immortalized Mouse Keratinocyte HaCaT Cells

Presenter: Hordep Velasquez – Caracas, Venezuela

Objective: This study was to observe the release of calcium into mouse keratinocyte HaCaT cells subjected to Pranic Healing.

Study Design: Cells were loaded with 5 μM calcium indicator Fura 2-AM to monitor changes in intracellular calcium concentration. Cell population was separated into two groups: a control group where cells received no stimulation and other experimental group where Pranic Healing was applied.

Results: The cells that were treated with Pranic Healing show a significant increase in intracellular calcium concentration as compared with untreated cells. Such increase in calcium concentration is consistent with the depletion of intracellular stores. By the action of Thapsigargin (TG) peak calcium release is equivalent in cells exposed to Pranic Healing in comparison to control cells. One possible explanation for this observed result is that stores of intracellular calcium had been stimulated by Pranic Healing and hence the resulting drain is lower.

Conclusions:  These results allow us to infer that Pranic Healing has an action on intracellular calcium storage but does not allow us to clarify how calcium has been stimulated.

This study has been published. Download the Full Paper here.

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