Impact of Energy Healing in the Treatment of Multifactorial Disorders

Presenter: Francois Tessier PhD(c) – Ontario, Canada

Objective: The goal of the study was to determine the effects Distant Pranic Healing with Drug Addicts.
could accelerate recovery and minimize relapse rate in a group of 21 drug and alcohol addicts living in a rehabilitation center in Sri Lanka. 

Study Design:  Distant Pranic Healing were applied to a cohort study of 21 drug and alcohol addicts residents of a rehabilitation center in Katana, Sri Lanka by author who was in Montreal, Canada.  Ages of patients ranged from 23-50 and addiction duration ranged from 1 to 15 years.  Physical and psychological conditions were severe.

Results: Global results showed the following: Relapsed rate of 13%; Vanishing of lethargy and lack of energy 100%; Vanishing of the craving 81%; Vanishing of stress 38%; Vanishing of negative emotions 44%’ Gain of willpower 31% and Spiritual connection 100%.

Conclusions: The results showed that the treatment had a significant impact on the cohort group compared to the control group accelerating their recovery from withdrawal symptoms, improving retention in the center’s program and minimizing relapse. It appears that application of Distant Pranic Healing techniques on Drug and Alcohol addicts decrease the symptomatology.  Further studies in a bigger scale is warranted.

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