Effect of Pranic Healing in Pain Management in Emergency Department: Randomized Controlled Study

Presenters: Lauren Khalifeh, RN, BSN, Linda Flar Lund, RN, BSN. St. Joseph Regional Medical Center, Paterson, New Jersey USA

Objective: To evaluate the role of Pranic Healing in pain management in the Emergency Department (ED).

Study Design: This is a single randomized control study of 47 patients age > 59 years of age and presenting to the ED with acute and/or chronic pain. Control Group n = 18 received pain medication and the Experimental Group n =29 who received pain medication and Pranic Healing session.


Results: A pilot study of 144 patients in ED with pain, stress, and anxiety treated with Pranic Healing over an 8 month period revealed a Pain Score of 7.52 decrease to 4.16 (p<0.01); Stress score of 7.33 decreased to 2.76 (p<0.01) and Anxiety Score of 7.53 decreased to 3.00 (p<0.01). The present study is a single randomized prospective control study that showed pain reduction of Experimental Group with Pain Medication and Pranic Healing decreased from 8.9 to 3.0 (p<0.017) compared to Control Group that decreased from 8.6 to 7.8 (NS).  The reduction in pain was significantly lower in the experimental group compared to the control group.   The pain scale assessments in the study were performed by nurses not related to Pranic Healing.  Secondary outcomes showed a reduction in heart rate, respiratory rate and blood pressures between the study groups but were not significantly different.

Conclusion: Pranic Healing with Pain Medication significantly reduced pain in the study.  Pranic Healing is a sage energy healing modality.  A collaborative and multicenter trial is warranted.

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